Fundraising Efforts and How You Can Help


What has the PTFA donated to Montpelier Primary School?

The PTFA’s events are great fun for the children and the parents of Montpelier Primary School and the fundraising element is obviously vital to the school, as state funding to schools like ours is continually cut. Here is a list of what the PTFA has fundraised from events and therefore has seen invested back into our school.

School Trips

The PTFA will contribute,  when needed, to subsidise school trips so that all children have an equal opportunity to advance their learning, aptitude and interest.


With IXL, your children will learn at their own pace—IXL’s adaptive questions automatically adjust to just the right level of difficulty. A wide variety of question types keeps practice sessions fresh and enables all types of learners to reach their full potential.

Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an award-winning cross-curricular website for primary school children, enabling them to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. Cloud-based, it delivers an exciting mash-up of curriculum-focused activities, creative tools, programs and games.

Reception Dance

The Reception classes enjoy participating in a weekly Dance Workshop programme. They listen to a variety of music and have lots of fun learning new dance steps from all around the world and the latest pop music.

Year 4’s Drama Workshop

FINDING THE WILL’s fervent desire is to show that the plays of Shakespeare are as accessible now as they were four hundred years ago. They are cracking stories full of passion, jealousy, betrayal, love, war and humour – as good as any Hollywood blockbuster movie today.

We demystify Shakespeare making it easy to understand, enjoyable, relevant and, above all else, fun! FINDING THE WILL offers Shakespeare workshops for schools and adult groups designed to take the fear out of Shakespeare.

Climbing Frame

With so much use on a daily basis, the School Climbing Frames were in need of major repair. The PTFA were very happy for fundraising income to be used to fix these structures.

Junior Playground

A  request was made for new equipment for the Junior playground. The PTFA agreed and made a donation to benefit KS2 during their learning periods and playtime.


Used on a weekly basis, both projectors in the school halls were in need of replacement. The committee signed off on the purchase of two brand new projectors for School and PTFA use.

ESDA Dance Workshops

Ealing Street Dance Academy is an award-winning street dance school that provides weekly dance classes for years 1-6. They are all about building kids’ confidence and creating an environment where they feel really comfortable.


Chick-Hatching Project

Classroom Books

Many beloved books needed replacing after many hours of being read. The PTFA signed off the request for new Classroom books and requested that they be sourced from local businesses.

New Canopy

The new canopies in the Reception playground are a welcome relief for the little ones to be outside and be protected from the elements. An excellent addition to the school.

School Trips

The PTFA will contribute towards school trips  (when needed) to take place for the children to advance their learning aptitude and interest.

Yr5 Isle of Wight

The very popular trip to the Isle of Wight is a
highlight for Year 5. The PTFA contributes to this memorable off-site trip that supports the children’s emerging independence.

Yr6 Yearbook

The PTFA helps curate, organise and invest in the Year 6 Leavers’ Yearbook as a dedication to their 6 years at the school.





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The PTFA is a registered charity to which you are welcome to make regular donations. Your continuous support outside of any event is always appreciated and you are able to donate anonymously. 

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