What has the PTFA donated to Montpelier Primary School?

Parent Teacher and Friends Association events are great fun for the children and the parents of Montpelier Primary School and the fundraising element is obviously vital to the school, as state funding to schools like ours is continually cut. Here is a list of what the PTFA has fundraised from events and therefore has seen invested back into our school.

H.M.S Parents Teacher Association

Montpelier Parent Teacher and Friends Association donated a large amount of raised funds to supply and install the brand new wooden ship in the Infant playground. Hours of fun, learning by play and a productive investment to update the children’s enjoyment at the school for KS1.


One Mathletics for primary schools… The school journey starts with Mathletics. A dedicated interface for younger students and a targeted, rewarding and highly engaging learning resource to power maths learning from Reception through to Key Stage 2.

Football Fields

Your PTFA donated funds for the hire of football fields for 10 matches so the Montpelier Primary School Football team could practise and compete with other local schools. 4-4-2 or 4-5-1? That is the question!?!?

Reception Dance

The Reception classes enjoyed participate in a weekly Dance Workshop programme. They listen to a variety of music and have lots of fun learning new dance steps from all around the world the latest pop music.

Everyday Magic

Everyday Magic is a London-wide charity currently running regular programmes in the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Ealing. Every year over 1,500 children aged 3 to 11 have their imaginations fired up with colourful and vivid storytelling at school.

Living Eggs

Living Eggs is a very successful programme which has been operating throughout the UK for 10 years. Schools and Care Homes love the programme and re book year on year.

Mad Science

A Mad Science workshop is a convenient way to offer students a hands-on and fun science experience. Our in-class science workshops offer professional lesson plans, unique equipment, and dynamic instructors.

School Comms

SchoolComms provides a tried and tested communication solution used by thousands of schools in the UK and beyond. Providing schools with the easiest and most effective solution for home school communication.

The Infant Train

The PTFA paid for the refurbishment and repair of the Train in the infant playground. Bringing the Infant Train back to its best condition for use on a daily basis for the children in KS1.

Junior Playground
A Head Teacher request was made for new equipment for the Junior playground. The PTFA agreed and made a donation to benefit KS2 during their learning periods and playtime.


Used on a weekly basis, both projectors in the school halls were in need of replacing. The committee signed off for the purchase of two brand new projectors for School and PTFA use.

Climbing Frame

With so much use on a daily basis, the School Climbing Frames were in need of major repair. The PTFA were very happy for fundraising income to be used to fix these structures.

ICT Suite

Did you know that the PTFA contributed to the funding of the whole of the original ICT suite. This was a major donation for your children’s advancement in IT.

Classroom Books

Books get read and then books become worn and need replacing. The PTFA signed off the request for new Classroom books and requested that they be sourced from local businesses.

The Junior Banks

The new and splendid Banks in the Junior playground is a BIG success. The PTFA contributed to the cost of the artificial grass. It certainly looks great and benefits the children.

The New Stage

This is a new addition to the Junior playground. The new stage is designed for the children to perform outdoors during their time at school. The PTFA saw this as a positive step for increasing child confidence.

New Canopy

The new canopies in the Reception playground are a welcome relief for the little one’s to be outside and be protected from the elements. An excellent addition to the school.

School Trips

The PTFA sometimes and where needed contribute for school trips to take place for the children to advance their learning aptitude and interest.

Yr5 Isle of Wight

The very popular trip to the Isle of Wight is a hi-light for Year 5. The PTFA contributes to this memorable off-site trip that supports the children’s emerging independence.

Yr6 Yearbook

After spending the last 6 years at Montpelier Primary School the PTFA help curate, organise and invest in the Year 6 Leavers’ Yearbook. A very special memento, indeed.


The PTFA buys Christmas crackers and presents for all the children to be enjoyed at the annual Christmas lunch and Santa’s Grotto at the Christmas School Disco.


Please consider getting involved with your PTFA, either by helping out with one of our traditional events, or by bringing fresh ideas for new events. JOIN IN!